War in Israel: a Sign of the Millennium?

Recent events in Israel have many people wondering if there is deeper spiritual significance to the terrible actions by Hamas.
Five hearts depicting God's perfect plan of salvation from the clear pure heart to a sinful heart with a tree representing fruit of sin and then back to a restored clean heart in the image of God.

The Fall and Redemption of Man

An easy and complete guide with a "Heart Chart." Find out what kind of heart you have!

God’s Chosen People Are Peculiar

Are Christians weird people? What exactly did the Apostle Peter mean when he wrote that God’s people are peculiar? Find out the truth about what God thinks of you!

Bloom Where You Are Planted

God’s Word is full of people who prospered in difficult conditions. When we are content with what God has given us and where He has planted us, we can flourish and blossom!

If I Were the Devil – A Warning to America

In 1965, radio broadcaster Paul Harvey issued a dire warning about who was behind the sharp decline of our society as a whole. Today, the accuracy of that message is chilling.

The Word of God – A Mirror to the Soul

Did you know that the Bible is compared to a mirror? God reveals our spiritual condition through His Word.

Labor Day – Labor That Lasts

The Bible tells us that EVERY work that we do for God is meaningful and will last. As we celebrate this Labor Day in 2022, let us consider our spiritual labors.
magnifying glass and glasses over bible

Increase Your Faith with Evidence

Just as an investigator uses evidence to build a case, we too can use it to increase our faith. Time, research, and eyewitness testimonies will help us learn the truth.
Open bible outside with sunshine and shadow on it

Bible Study Methods for Beginners

Do you have a desire to study God’s Word but aren't sure how or where to start? Here are a few Bible study methods to get you on track!
Image of the rock of Gibraltar

The Solid Rock

The world may shift and sink around us, but there is a timeless message of hope in the solid rock on which we can stand - and that Rock is Jesus Christ.
rainbow 1909 1920

Hope in Hard Times

With everything going on in the world, is there any hope? The answer is YES! The Bible is full of verses reminding us there is hope!

This Old Box

As I compare the contents of this old box with what I have today, I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness. I traded in my hopeless life, and God gave me a life full of blessings in return.