Apostle Paul: An Ambassador for Christ (Part 1 – Corinth)


This is the first of a three part series titled, “Paul: An Ambassador for Christ.” In this series you will learn about some of the locations Apostle Paul visited such as Corinth, Ephesus, Rome, and other locations. This part of the series discusses Corinth.

It has been a lifelong dream for my wife and I to see some of the biblical sites around the world. This spring our dream came alive as we were able to take a vacation and cruise that stopped at ten ports in the Mediterranean. In preparation for our trip, we studied each port in depth and hired tour guides to get the most out of each stop.

In Italy, we explored Rome for three days and then sailed to Pompeii. Next, we cruised to Malta and sailed from there to Santorini. After that, we explored Ephesus at Kusadasi, Turkey. In Greece, we toured Rhodes, Mykonos, Athens, Corinth, and Chania. Our cruise ended pleasantly in Venice Italy.

When it was all said and done, we visited ten ports and seven locations full of biblical history! It was amazing! You may not be surprised to hear that we took 300-400 pictures a day. As a Sunday School teacher, I prayed about how we could share what we had seen and learned. This series is the result of that burden.

We hope you enjoy “Paul: An Ambassador for Christ.”