What are those old buildings anyway?

The Manassas Church of God Campgrounds is situated close to the church building on Rixlew Lane directly across the street from Stonewall Jackson High School. The Manassas Church of God Campgrounds carries a strong legacy dating back to the year 1947 when nearby Wellington Road was a gravel road, and Rixlew Lane was just a narrow wooded dirt road. It was here that God fearing men and women were led to build a place where people could come from all around the world to hear the word of God preached, and worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

How It Was Built

It was by much prayer and faith that the Campground was built. There are many accounts recorded of the way the finances were provided to fund such a large project. Many times funds were prayed in – God always provided!

It also took a lot of hard work and manual labor. Many faithful attendees of local congregations devoted much of their time and energy into the clearing the woods and building the structures that still stand today. The Campgrounds are still maintained each year by people that attend local congregations of the Church of God.


Summer Campmeetings

To this day the legacy continues each summer – usually over the 4th of July week. Men and women still come from all around the world to hear the Word of God preached, and enjoy fellowship and unity with fellow saints of God.

Each morning begins with prayer meeting followed by morning service, lunch, children’s service, young people’s service, dinner, and ending with evening service. There are several saints that attend Campmeeting each year that remember the first Campmeeting back in 1947.

There is a rich history on the Campgrounds. While travelers no longer sleep on straw filled mattresses, there have been many updates to modernize the grounds. The bell that was installed many years ago is still rung to signal different events of the day, and everyone still gathers around the snack stand each night for snacks after the evening service.

The strongest tradition, however, is power of the preaching that comes over the pulpit, and the way God’s spirit blesses the meeting each year. Even in the July heat with no air conditioning, men and women travel from near and far to receive this blessing.

Other Activities

Activity begins on the grounds in the spring in order to prepare for the meeting in July. Outside of the preparations and the meeting, from time to time other activities such as picnics and similar gatherings are held on the Campgrounds. You may even see a group of young people playing basketball or volleyball when the weather is nice enough.

We Invite You To Attend!

Even with all this, the main event has been, and continues to be, the spiritually reviving week of Campmeeting. Stop in for the next meeting - you may find yourself revived as well!