The Church of God

The Manassas Church of God is a congregation of people who believe and live by the Bible. We have no earthly headquarters; our only Head is Jesus Christ, who directs His Church from heaven. We are part of the Church that Jesus built back in the first century AD, when he told His disciples, “...upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!”

Normal Services

Regularly scheduled services are held three times weekly, with two services on Sunday and prayer meeting on Wednesday evening. Additionally, there are Young People’s services on most weekends, weekly Bible Studies and Children's Story Hour on Tuesday evenings, and bi-annual Revivals where a visiting Pastor or evangelist preaches nightly.

Summer Camp Meeting

We also hold a camp meeting at our nearby campgrounds during the summer, typically during the first week of July. During the camp meeting, people come from congregations all around the United States and from other countries, as well, to hear various Pastors preach the Word of God. Many of the visitors stay on the campgrounds during this meeting so they can enjoy fellowship in between services.

Importance of Doctrine

We believe that God’s doctrine is of utmost importance, so we are careful to uphold it consistently in all that we do. This includes God’s standard of holiness, modesty for both men and women, God’s standard for the ordinances of baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and God’s standard of unity for all who belong to His Church.

Come and See!

We are everyday people, and welcome all who come with an honest heart before God to seek to serve Him with all of their hearts. Come and see for yourself that God’s Church — yes, the same one that Jesus built in the early first century AD — is still alive and well in our times!